Trening dla MINI

Athletics & coordination

Team sport for children from 4 years

Fairplay i team

Dla girls and boys


Classes will take place every week on Wednesday 17:00 for 1 hour. Participants for the co-ed training are children in the preschool age (4 to 7 years). We expect a participation of 12 to 20 children that will be instructed by one experienced trainer and 1-2 co-trainers. Trainers and co-trainers conduct the training voluntarily.


Goal of the classes is to build solid foundations in physical education and a fun way to teach the basic of field hockey:

  1. Enjoyment of sports and physical movement

  2. Formation of general mobility

  3. Education on the basics on hockey technique

  4. Education on the general rules of the game and tactics.

  5. Long term: Building an active club culture and teams of active player in Wrocław

Training concept

Every training is based on two equally important pillars

  1. General physical education

  2. Formation of field hockey in terms of technical and tactical aspects

Training schedule

  • 20 min :: General physical education through games and movements. Examples: (1) Warm up exercises: Participants put their hockey sticks on the ground and use it for an obstacle course. (2) Relay race with hockey sticks.

  • 15 min :: Technique and tactics class: First touch, leading, passing, hitting, dribbling and tackling.

  • 5 min :: Break or relaxing exercise that doesn't require new skill acquisition.

  • 10 min :: Continuation of technique and tactics training.

  • 10 min :: Match (4:4, 3:3 lub 2:2) na four goals.